Churches play a vital role in Cuba

Anglican Journal, May 2016

 "I had never been to Cuba before, and despite having attended an Anglican church for almost nine years, I still consider myself new to the tradition, so when I boarded a plane full of Anglicans of all ages from across Canada for a week of social justice education, I had no idea what to expect."


Review: Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen

Rhubarb Magazine, Summer 2015

"Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen is a book about food, but it’s also— and perhaps because of this—a book about women, and the essential role their work plays in the Hutterite community. Readers who live in Western cities are used to seeing any woman faced with sartorial constraints, from kerchief to burka, as downtrodden victims of patriarchy rather than strong and active community members, but Kirkby’s descriptions of head cooks and skillful gardeners quickly puts that notion to rest. "


The Neighbourhood: "We're going to fight the city"

The Town Crier, April 2015

"Since it opened in 2006, The Neighbourhood’s welcoming atmosphere and vast collection of affordable used books have been close to the heart of the community of artists, intellectuals, activists, and students who populate the Wolseley area. But Wolseley is changing: those beautiful old homes and quiet tree-lined streets have become prime real estate, and rising rents are driving long-time tenants out of the small business strip on Westminster Avenue."


Notes from the Latin Bridge: History and Humanity in Sarajevo

Whether Magazine, December 2014

"The impulse to commemorate historical events and local heroes by building monuments is universal. The grander the personage or event, generally speaking, the grander the monument. Which makes the relative emptiness of the Latin Bridge corner that much more fascinating."


Whether editorial: Issue 5 (Movement)

Whether Magazine, October 2014

"At that time, there was hot debate over where exactly babies came from. The general idea was understood, sure, but the finer details of the process were still a little foggy. Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of what we now know are sperm cells did not immediately clear things up, as he subscribed to the whimsical and terrifying idea that there was a fully formed little human inside each sperm cell."


Job Interviews: Ryan

Whether Magazine, August 2014

"You have to be willing to be there when the bread needs you. You work for the bread."

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